Info - 

This is a game made in 48 hours by Ned Boulter. I am very happy with it it is my first web game. I hope you all enjoy it.

Instructions - 

Use WASD to move, mouse to look. Use SPACE to jump. CLICK to shoot, and E to interact. My keyboard handling is case sensitive :/... So if you can't move, first click on the canvas, then ensure caps lock is off.

Inside the log hut, there is a big box of seeds, take them out, and plant them on the big dirt area. When they have grown, you can take them over to the table, (in the grassy area).

You must deliver grown crop to the table within the time limit shown on the screen.

Birds will eat your crops, and the more crops you deliver to the table, the more birds will be attracted from far around your mysterious floating island thingy, and try and eat it.

It's probably important to note, if you want a high score, and you are a quake player, there is an arbitrary implementation of strafe jumping, it's a bit strange, but it's fun. This means if you press A while moving the mouse LEFT, you will gain speed. If you press D while moving the mouse RIGHT you will gain speed, however you must hold/tap space (jump) while doing this, because otherwise friction will just put your speed right back to 0.

ENJOY :D Cant wait to play everyone else's creations :).

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